Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Book Review: Fallen Crest Forever by Tijan

by Tijan


Mason Kade is the dream.
He is the promise.
He’s offering what so many would fantasize about, and it’s not that I don’t want it/him/us.
It’s the opposite.
There might be ghosts haunting me, but this man who's my soulmate is asking me for forever.
How can I say no to someone who already gave me my happily ever after?

The last full-length novel for the Fallen Crest Series!

💭 My Thoughts 💭
💋 💋 💋 💋 💋 💋 
6 forever kissws

6 FOREVER stars. Top read of 2017.

Oh my gosh.  Im not sure what to say.  My emotions are high and everywhere,  and since chapter 43 tears have been falling down my smiling face.  I'm sad,  but happy. 

Fallen Crest Forever was EPIC.  I laughed,  I cried,  I went OMG,  I did it all.  I can't believe this is the end.  This series is amazing,  and this book was even more amazing.  Tijan has gone and created one heck of a book,  and I have no words to explain how I feel.  

Even though this series is over,  Sam,  Mason,  Logan, Taylor,  Nate,  Heather,  all of the characters even down to Becky and Adam will forever be some of my favorites. 

I'm crying because the series is over,  but also because of the way it ended.  Every moment of this book was amazing.  

This review can never do this book justice.  You will just have to read it yourself.  

Monday, May 22, 2017

EXCLUSIVE Cover Reveal + Giveaway: Unsteady by Jillian Anselmi

COVER Reveal!

Look at this gorgeous cover.  Be sure to enter the giveaway on Facebook 💋 

by Jillian Anselmi

Releasing June 5, 2017

Cover Designed by Marisa Rose Shor at Cover Me Darling 

 Photo by Regina Wamba at Mae I Design 

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Blurb for Unsteady...

The actions from the past are still dwelling, hovering on the surface, waiting to strike.

Broken. Traumatized. Consumed.

Delani Delvecchio has danced with the devil, battled the evil in the drug world, and came out swinging. But her victory is short lived.

She’s slipping—slipping from reality and fearing everything around her.
Nightmares are trying to control her mind. The foundation of her emotions is rocky and uncertain, forcing her to pull more into herself than she ever has before.

Loyal. Determined. Faithful.

Brody Russell saved Delani from hell, only to be faced with a hell of his own.

Delani isn’t healing, and try as he might to bring his sassy, bright-eyed girl back to the surface, nothing seems to be working. He’s struggling - struggling to hold her in his grasp while facing a trial determined to test every ounce of control he has.

Emotions run high, boundaries are pushed, and the odds stacked against them become a race against time.

They thought the storm was over, but they had only reached the eye, and things are about to get Unsteady.

About the Author

Jillian Anselmi resides on Long Island, (not in Long Island), with her husband and teenage daughter. She studied pharmacy, but decided it wasn't the right fit for her and instead pursued a degree in chemistry. After receiving her masters in education she pursued a career in teaching, but there was always something missing. As a young girl she read an incredible amount of books, reading over a hundred during the summer of her third grade year. After that she would write poetry or dabble in short stories. Now, she writes romantic fiction, with some small amount of truth hiding behind her words. If you want to make her happy, surprise her with dark chocolate, a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato, or a good Sauvignon Blanc.



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Friday, May 19, 2017

Release Blitz + Review: Fighting for Jax by Alexandria Bishop

Fighting for Jax
(Marlowe #4)  
by Alexandria Bishop

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 19, 2017

Erin Morris made a decision that would forever change her life and those in it. With fierce determination and hard work, she has found success but never forgotten where she came from and the boy she left behind. Four years later, Erin has an opportunity to right the wrongs of her past and help the one person she has always loved. 
Jackson “Jax” Hartley embodies everything expected of his bad-boy rocker persona. With success and popularity comes the ability to indulge in everything offered him - money, women, booze, and drugs. When he’s given an ultimatum by his bandmates to clean up his act or lose the career he’s dreamed of, Jax agrees to accept help from the one person who has the ability to break him. Again. 
When Erin and Jax return to her family’s ranch in Texas they’re forced to face the ghosts of their past and decide if the time apart has changed the love they once shared. They must answer a question that neither is prepared to face – Can your first love remain your true love? 
Together they are given a second chance. 
At life.
At love.
At everything.

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 

Fighting for Jax by Alexandria Bishop is the best book of the series.  It was funny,  it was sweet,  and it became all in all a heartwarming book.  It was everything I was expecting and more.  

I loved having a front row seat to Erin and Jax's story.  At times it was heartbreaking,  but it turned into something so beautiful.  

I definitely loved every word,  and very stoked to see what Ms Bishop has coming next.  

Born in a small southeastern island in Alaska, Alexandria moved to southern Oregon early on in her life. Where she still resides with her young daughter, husband, and fur baby.
She's insanely obsessed with fashion and used to dream of becoming a fashion designer creating new outfits for her Barbie's with her childhood best friend. For now she's loving writing and fulfilling her fashion addiction with shopping.
Along with fashion, Alexandria is a big lover of music. She's always listening to something while writing and creates a playlist to go along with each book she writes. She's always on the hunt for new music and loves getting suggestions from her readers.
Alexandria spends way too much time on social media and would love for you to say hi!


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Review and Author Interview : Just One Touch by Maya Banks

A suspenseful and sizzling story of a young woman who 
escapes a terrifying past… into a more uncertain future.

Slow Burn #5
Maya Banks
Released May 9, 2017
Avon Books

Multiple #1 New York Times bestselling author Maya Banks continues her Slow Burn series with a suspenseful and sizzling story of a young woman who escapes a terrifying past… into a more uncertain future.

Raised in a strict religious cult since she was a young girl, Jenna has no connection to the outside world beyond vague flashes of memory that seem to be from another life. Memories she clings to when the cult leaders discover her extraordinary ability to heal-and punish her. Years held captive and forced to do the cult's bidding have turned Jenna into a meek, timid woman…or so they think. In truth, she is merely biding her time, waiting for the perfect moment to escape.

When a terrified young woman tries to steal the SUV of Devereaux Security's toughest recruit, Isaac's anger quickly turns into a strange sort of protectiveness for the beautiful, bruised stranger. But when they are caught in a firestorm of bullets and Isaac is hit, he's sure the end is near, until Jenna touches him and closes his wounds. As he tries to bring Jenna to safety, she refuses to tell him what danger haunts her or how she healed him, but Isaac vows to do whatever it takes to gain her trust…and her heart. Because with just one touch, Isaac knows he wants Jenna to be his--forever.


I haven't read any of the books in the Slow Burn series, but this one somehow worked for me.I didn't feel like I missed out on anything from the previous books, nor was it confusing.There was a varying array of cast and characters, and I quite liked the concept and the author's way of execution.
I'm a fan of Maya Banks' other series, and I jumped on this one without even reading the blurb properly.I'd thought that this was just a romantic suspense series.Lol!*facepalm*
It is romantic suspense, but with paranormal elements mixed in. And I was pleasantly surprised!
The blurb describes the basic plot, and I don't want to get into that since its best to go into this one knowing as minimal info as possible.Its more enjoyable this way!
The romance between Isaac and Jenna is instalove, so it was bewildering in the beginning.But once I got into it, it clicked as it suits both their characters perfectly.The way they've been written, this type of development is the best and it is honestly believable that it works for them.
Isaac is protective,loyal and awesome!Jenna is quite resilient, inspite of what she has been through.Intelligent but naive due to her upbringing, she was a great protagonist without being too Mary Sue-ish!
I loved the suspense and the action!It had me on the edge of my seat, and the writing blew me away!I loved how each of the women had special powers, and how their significant others(the Devereaux security men) protected and loved them.Each is a personality of their own, and I really want to read this series now!I've loaded them all up on my kindle and I'm set for the weekend! ;)


Describe yourself in five words or less.
Unorganized, melt-down prone, laid back, despise drama & conflict!

If you had a theme song, what would it be?
My Give A Damn is Broken

Name one thing you won’t leave home without.
A cup of crushed ice

What do you like to do when you aren't writing?
I’m a complete homebody & enjoy hanging out at home with my family every chance I get. It’s rare for me to leave my house!

What types of scenes are your most favorite to write?
I love revealing information about various characters personalities and the closeness between them through dialogue. I also always  look forward to writing the dark moment as I love me some angst!

What are your favorite types of stories to read?
I love stories that don’t feature a couple who spend the entire book apart or that focus on internal conflict. I much prefer to see the hero and heroine together on the page and to see them working together to overcome external conflict.

Are there certain characters you would like to go back to, or is there a theme or idea you’d love to work with?
I absolutely love following up with characters from a previous story whether it’s including them as secondary characters in a newer book or writing a short novella that revisits them so readers can see them after the HEA

Is there anything that you would like to say to your readers and fans?
I absolutely credit my readers with my success and my career. They, not me, are why I’ve been able to write close to 80 stories in the 11 years I’ve been writing


Maya Banks is a multiple #1 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author whose chart toppers have included erotic romance, romantic suspense, contemporary romance, Scottish historical romances. She is the author of the Breathless Trilogy, the Surrender Trilogy, the KGI novels, the Sweet series, and the Colters Legacy novels. She lives in Southeast Texas.