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People ask me why do i like reading so much? I tell them it's because it takes me to another place. I love all types of books, but I have a weakness for romance. Something about a happy ever after makes me smile. I am an personal assistant for authors, as well as a tour coordinator. I love what I do. working with authors is amazing. To have a front row seat to all of the action in writing a book is amazing to me. I am honored every time I get to help with the making even if it's just being a shoulder for them to cry on during the rough patches. When not working or reading, I'm out and about. I love traveling, and hope to tour around Europe one day soon. This blog is my baby and I am happy I can share my love of books and authors with others! .


Bookaholic,Architecture student,Artist.
I've loved reading books since forever and once I start reading I go into the zone and forget about everything else in the universe. I love it when when my imagination takes me to places I've never been to before and I live to immerse myself in the character's universe,feel what they feel and revel in their lives even if its for a short amount of time.Other than reading I love art,music and watching anime.I love discussing and reviewing the books that I read and its really wonderful to spread the book love! 

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