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Book Review And Giveaway: HeartBeat by Belinda Williams

Title: Heartbeat (Hollywood Hearts Book 3) 
Author: Belinda Williams 
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Romantic Suspense 
Release Date: December 4, 2017 
Cover Designer: BWrite 
Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

Twenty-one-year-old Chloe Kemp knows it’s not easy growing up in the celebrity spotlight. Unlike other child actors, Chloe’s determined to hold onto her squeaky clean reputation. So far that’s been easy because she really is as sweet and innocent as the media portrays.
Until a video of her in bed with the lead singer of a famous rock band is released online. Only nothing happened. Not that anyone will believe her…
Nor will anyone believe she was in bed with the wrong rock star. Chloe’s fallen for drummer, Gabriel da Silva, and she’s heartbroken she’s ruined her chances with him. Or is it possible he’s fallen for Chloe’s sweetness?
When Chloe is sent incriminating images, it becomes apparent someone is following her with the intention of ruining her reputation as well as her relationship with Gabe. If Chloe wants her career to survive, and a shot with Gabe, is it time she grows up and trusts her heart?


This was another great addition to the Hollywood Hearts series!I've loved Chloe since the first installment - Heartthrob and was waiting to see when she would get her book.And it did not disappoint!
Chloe is just this sweet and amazing person, but has a backbone of steel too!
She's always maintained a good reputation and has this girl-next-door image.But all this changes on the day of her 21st birthday bash!She meets the drummer-Gabe, from her favorite band, and is glad to feel the connection with him(one that she hopes he feels too).But due to a turn of events, she gets caught on video with one of the bandmates.And sadly its the lead singer and not Gabe.It's definitely not what it looks like, but her image could take a hit.And she's also worried about what Gabe would think of it.
But he sees the truth and their friendship seems to be going in the right direction when more images and information come to light, making the situation even more serious!
So, not only does she have an over protective mother from whom she wishes to break free slowly and gain independence, she also has a stalker now and a reputation to maintain.What should she do now?

Just like the previous two books this one also had a perfect mix of romance, suspense and humor.The characters were amazing!Though Chloe is young and undeniably sweet, she's not completely naive.She is strong in her own right and has an amazing circle of friends(who I love).It was really great seeing Jake,Ally,Marc and Lena again!Gabriel was also wonderful!He's strong but tender with Chloe and has his own share of secrets too.But they were perfect for each other!I loved watching their relationship develop!

So if you haven't read this series yet, I'd urge you to start it as you'll definitely like it!
And I'm guessing Faith's story is next!She's so feisty and I can't wait to read her story! :D

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We lay back and I listened to the water lapping at the hull as we floated along. The yacht tipped as we were pulled down gently into the swell and the motion caused me to slide toward Gabe. As we bobbed up again I realized we were so close that all I had to do was reach out my pinky to stroke the back of his hand. I lay there paralyzed, my heart in my throat, while I willed myself to have the courage to reach out that fraction of an inch to touch him.
Then, in a movement so smooth it felt like it was the most natural thing in the world, Gabe twined his fingers through mine.
“Do you like it out here?” he asked.
I nodded, trying to ignore the way my fingers tingled and my hand throbbed from our contact. “I love the sense of freedom,” I managed.
“Tell me about it. All those hours I clocked up? Coming out here was like therapy when the band made it big.”
The yacht rolled over another large swell and shifted us so we were pressed together.  “You don’t like the fame?” I asked casually, even though my arm against his made it feel like my whole body was on fire.
Gabe put his other hand behind his head and I did my best to avert my eyes when his T-shirt rode up and revealed a tanned, taut strip of his abdomen.
“Do you?”
His question caught me off guard. “Huh?”
His mouth quirked like he knew what I’d been thinking. “Do you like the fame?”
“I wouldn’t say I like it, but I’m used to it. You’re not, are you?”
“A bit more now. At first, being out here on this yacht was the only place I still felt like myself.”
“Gypsy Hour’s popularity happened quickly, didn’t it?”
“Not according to Levi and Johnnie. They were doing gigs and cutting singles for almost seven years before I met them.”
“Hang on. Weren’t you always in the band?”
“Nope. And I thought you were a fan.” He nudged me gently with his shoulder. “Levi approached me one night when I was playing at a gig. Back then I was in a few different bands and played around LA regularly. He told me their drummer had just left. Something about a difference of opinions with Johnnie if you can imagine that.” His wry grin told me he could imagine exactly that. “Anyway, a few months later one of our singles made it big and I was officially in a famous rock band.”
“Wow. I had no idea it was like that for you.”
“Right place, right time.”
“It’s always like that with fame,” I told him. “Too often success comes down to that one lucky moment.”
Gabe propped himself up on his elbow but didn’t let go of my hand. Those beautiful gray eyes regarded me seriously. “You really believe that?”
“But you’ve been working at acting since you were a kid.”
“Yes, I have, and I’ll keep working hard, but the thing I learned early on was luck plays a huge part. Mama’s connections got me started easier than most. It allowed me to pick up a few commercials when I was kid. What people didn’t see were the hundreds of auditions I went to for television pilots that I didn’t get. And the one I did get? I got the part on School Daze because the director had been on the crew for one of the commercials I’d done. Simple as that. I wasn’t necessarily more talented, cuter, or more professional. I was just lucky.”
“That doesn’t bother you?”
“No, why would it?”
“Because don’t you want it to be your hard work that got you there?”
I looked down at our hands and my pale skin against his tanned complexion. We were so different, in more than just our looks. Fame had always been part of my life but it was new to Gabe and I sensed in him an unease that I was only just beginning to understand.
“When Gypsy Hour made it big you didn’t feel like you deserved to be there, did you?” I asked him.
Gabe shrugged and cast his eyes to the horizon. “Maybe.”
“But you had been working hard—in other bands. If you hadn’t, Levi wouldn’t have seen you and approached you.”
He let out a deep sigh. “Yeah, that’s true, I guess.”
I took in his profile. He had a regal quality that I liked. Unlike Johnnie, who was all bravado, Gabe’s confidence was quiet, but maybe a little less self-assured than I had first thought.
“How old are you?” I asked.
My question seemed to break Gabe out of his reverie and he met my eyes. “Twenty-eight. Why?”
“And how long have you been drumming?”
“Since I was eleven.”
“So you’ve been playing drums for . . . ” I did the math in my head. “Seventeen years. I’d say that makes you very experienced.”
“More experienced than you.”

Oh boy. Those few words changed the tone of our easy conversation into something a whole lot less easy, and I swallowed.



Belinda Williams is a marketing communications specialist and copywriter who allowed an addiction to romance to get the better of her. Her other addictions include music and fast cars. Her writing hasn’t paid for a Lamborghini just yet, so she’ll have to settle for her son’s Hot Wheels collection and writing hot male leads with sports cars. Belinda lives in Sydney, Australia.




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