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Book Review and Giveaway : Falling For The Highlander by Lynsay Sands

 If Dougall’s not careful, this Scot might just end up tying the knot…

Highlander #4
Lynsay Sands
Releasing Jan 31st, 2017
Avon Books

If there’s one thing Lady Murine will not abide, it’s her virtue being handed over to the highest bidder. When her scoundrel brother does just that—in exchange for a few Scottish horses, no less—she’s appalled, but she refuses to stand by and let it happen. She’s determined to take matters into her own hands, even if it means braving the countryside alone—or worse, with a tempting Scot by her side.

Dougall set out to sell a few horses to an English lord; he never expected he’d help smuggle a beautiful fugitive back to Scotland instead. When her brother offered Lady Murine for a few horses, Dougall was disgusted and promptly turned him down. But encountering the runaway lass on the road out of town sets something pounding in Dougall’s heart. There’s something about this fierce woman that makes him want to do more than just help her escape. He wants to protect her—with his life and his heart.

If Dougall’s not careful, this Scot might just end up tying the knot…


A great addition to the Highlander series!This one focuses on one of Saidh's brothers - Dougall Buchanan and Murine Carmichael.
Lady Murine has lost a lot in her life and is currently staying with her half brother, who enjoys gambling way too much.He has gambled away her dowry and almost all of his fortune.
But she knows its the end of the straw when he tries to sell her off in exchange of horses!
Dougall and his brothers are disgusted by the offer.They wouldn't end up giving their prized horses to him anyway.He feels sorry for the beautiful sister who has to put up with such a brother.
They leave the castle soon, but are quite surprised when they come across a woman fleeing on a cow on their way back!
And guess who it is?Yep!Murine!
They're even more surprised when they find out that she is Carmichael's daughter and the Scottish lass who saved their sister.

Dougall decides to help her and take her back to Saidh.But, he wants to do more than just protect her and as they spend more time travelling together, the attraction between them gets too hard to resist.
Will he let her go once they reach home or find a way to keep her forever?

I loved the development of the relationship between Murine and Dougall.It wasn't too slow nor was it too fast.And the attraction between them was palpable! I loved the way the brothers treated Murine!So cute!And Dougall's jealousy if she got too close with them!Lol
Murine was a normal heroine.Not too Mary Sue-ish, but not like a warrior either.She tries her best to get out of situations on her own, but if that doesn't work out, she admits she needs help.
Dougall was an awesome Scot.He wasn't written as if he was a commitment phobe.His falling for Murine felt natural.

I also loved how the author mixed the mystery in with the romance.Sometimes, it felt weird that the characters ignored the warning signs right in front of them, as they were too occupied with their relationship or something else!But its understandable.
I also don't understand what happened to Murine's fainting issue?It's alright now that she eats well and has that tincture?I'd been thinking it was some kind of vertigo.

The last few chapters were wonderful with the action and culmination of the mystery.Things are resolved neatly.
The Buchanan brothers are an awesome bunch and I hope we get to read more stories about them ,especially the eldest!
If you love Highlander romances, you should really give this book and series a try!You might end up loving it!


“Dougall,” Murine moaned in protest when he broke their kiss. She tried to shift against him again, but he held her still, trying to catch his breath and regain control of himself.
“Hush,” he murmured and turned sharply toward shore, intending to get them out of the water and set her away from him. He realized what a stupid idea that was when the supporting water fell away and she, probably afraid he would drop her, tightened her legs to keep herself up. Dougall stopped walking and dropped his head to her chest with a groan as her body slid against his again.
This had really been a bad idea, he acknowledged and took a couple of deep breaths, before saying, “I’m going to set ye down, lass.”
“But I don’ wan’ ye to,” she protested. “This feels good. I like it.”
The words made his determination falter. If it weren’t for the way she slurred her words, he might have taken her there and then. However, there was a definite slur to her words. Murine was in no state to think clearly on this. He had to think for both of them, and while he’d pretty much decided he was indeed going to marry Lady Murine Carmichael and bed her well and repeatedly, he would not have her waking in the morning and accusing him of treating her like the whore her brother had tried to turn her into.
“I like it too, lass, but—”
“Then why are ye stopping? Did I do something wrong? Tell me what to do and I’ll—” Her words died on a gasp as he suddenly dropped her into the water. It was a desperate bid to save them both. She was a tasty little bundle and Dougall could not fight himself and her too.
Leaving her to flounder back to her feet in the shallow water, he moved quickly back to shore, grabbed his tartan, laid it out, and knelt to begin pleating it with his back to the water. He didn’t do more than glance over his shoulder once to be sure she got out of the water safely, but then immediately turned his full attention forward again. He would give her time to dress and then escort her back to camp . . . and then he would not allow himself to be alone with her until they reached Buchanan and were safely married. He would not have her thinking he saw her through her brother’s eyes.


Lynsay Sands is the nationally bestselling author of the Argeneau/Rogue Hunter vampire series, as well as numerous historicals and anthologies. She's been writing stories since grade school and considers herself incredibly lucky to be able to make a career out of it. Her hope is that readers can get away from their everyday stress through her stories, and if there's occasional uncontrollable fits of laughter, that's just a big bonus. Please visit her on the web.

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