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Book Review And Giveaway : Falling For The Best Man by Amanda Ashby

He’s the best man and her secret fling—
who said being a wedding planner was easy?

Sisters of Wishing Bridge Farm #1
Amanda Ashby
Releasing Jan 9th, 2017
Entangled Bliss

He’s the best man and her secret fling—who said being a wedding planner was easy?

What's worse than running into your ex-hookup at the airport? When said 'hookup" is the best man for the most important wedding of your career, and he's on the hunt for a fake girlfriend. Between a hysterical bride and a wedding party gone wild, wedding planner Emmy Watson can’t afford any more disasters if she wants to save her beloved Wishing Bridge Farm. Which is why she puts the best man on lockdown. Unfortunately, he also happens to be the one guy who can make her forget everything except the way his kisses make her feel.

All Christopher Henderson needs is a fake girlfriend to convince his bosses that his bad boy reputation is a thing of the past so he can land his dream job. What better place to find said companion than at a wholesome vintage wedding. The only thing he didn't count on was seeing Emmy, the woman who dumped him. The one he hasn’t been able to get off his mind.

There's no denying the spark between them, but he’s a globetrotter and she’s a homebody, and falling in love is something neither of them has in their plans.


I've mostly read Amanda's YA books before a few years back and I loved them.So I was quite surprised and excited to see that she was writing a new contemporary romance series!

This is a second chance romance with a beautiful setting and lovely characters!
Emmy and her sisters have inherited the Wishing Bridge Farm after their aunt's death, and though her other two sisters aren't too keen on keeping the farm, Emmy desperately wants to save it.And she has the plan.If she manages to plan and pull off the current wedding without a hitch, she can afford to save the farm and turn it into a wedding destination.After running into a few problems, she now has to pick up the best man who will be staying at her guest cottage.And to her shock the best man is none other than Christopher- the guy she hooked up with two years back and the one she left with just a message, before they were going to leave for Fiji.

Christopher is a take it easy kinda guy, a travel writer who never stays long in one place.He's been all over the world and doesn't ever want to have regrets.He is in talks with a production company for a show that would feature him and his adventures.All he needs to do is spruce up his image and he needs a fake girlfriend for that.He's hoping to find one at the wedding.Imagine his shock when he finds Emmy waiting for him at the airport.
Though things between them are awkward at first, they soon end up in a truce as Emmy needs the wedding to be perfect and she doesn't need Christopher and his wild ways messing anything up.
But what will happen when they slowly fall for each other?Will it last beyond the wedding?

Emmy and Christopher were quite the opposites but well suited to each other.Both of their characters have been primarily shaped by their experiences in life.Emmy was content to be in a small town, taking care of the farm,baking bread and planning weddings.She's quite like her aunt and doesn't want much other than a peaceful,happy life.
It was really annoying at times when her sisters picked on her for not moving out of town.They should respect her decisions.So what if she doesn't want to travel all over the world?She should do what makes her happy!
Christopher has his own set of issues stemming from his childhood experiences with his father.Though, he has quite the reputation, he isn't actually all that bad.I loved how he helped Emmy out once they set their differences aside.It was really beautiful seeing them fall in love with each other!
Personally I think a balance is needed, which the characters realized and achieved in the end.You need not stay in one place alone or shift around the world every month.You can have both and there is always a middle ground.:)
This is a sweet and beautiful story you must read!Can't wait to read the other books in the series! :D


“Emmy,” he countered, trying not to be distracted by the delectable sight of her chest rising and falling. “One dance. That’s all I’m asking. For old time’s sake.”
Emmy’s lips twitched, and Christopher could almost see the two sides of her battling before the carefree smile he recognized from their time together in New York appeared. It changed the shape of her face and brought everything about their first meeting slamming into his mind. She stood up, so close that his skin prickled with desire.
“Fine. One dance.”
“Great.” He led her to the small wooden dance floor to the left of where the jazz band was playing. Lewis and Miranda were in the middle, and fanned out all around them were the rest of the bridal party, but all Christopher could see was Emmy.
The music pulsated around them, and even the pale yellow moon above swayed to the beat. He sucked in a breath and pulled her toward him. It was a mistake, and his lungs were filled with the smell of her freshly washed hair and the evening clematis climbing up the crumbling brickwork of the courtyard walls. His arms tightened around her waist, and her bunched, tense muscles seemed to relax as she melted into him. The rest of the world disappeared, and all he was conscious of was her pounding heart as it pressed against his.
This was the woman he’d met two years ago.
And it seems I’m just as helpless around her as I ever was. Which is either a good thing, or a very, very bad one. The verdict’s still out.
As if reading his mind, she turned her face up to him, a soft, suggestive smile tugging at her full mouth. Desire flared through him, and if they were anywhere else he would’ve kissed her without a second’s hesitation. He forced himself to return her smile and simply enjoy the way her body molded his.
It wasn’t until the lead singer announced the name of the next song Christopher even realized the music had stopped. Emmy was the first to recover, and she stepped away, her face flushed and her eyes not quite meeting his.
“Um.” She licked her lips. “I’m not sure that was such a good idea.”
“I hate to disagree with you, but I think it was an excellent idea. And one that should definitely be repeated. You can’t deny that there’s still something between us.” Christopher tried to pull her closer as the next song started, but she folded her arms firmly in front of her. Ironically, it highlighted the soft curves of her body.
At this rate I’m going to need a fire engine to cool me down.
“I’m serious,” she insisted before letting out a soft sigh. “You’re right. There is still something between us, but there’s nowhere it can go. I want to save the farm, and you want to go visit every strange nook and cranny in the universe. Don’t you see? Nothing’s changed.”
“My hair’s longer,” Christopher said, but it was obvious by the way Emmy had pushed her lips into two compact lines, she wasn’t in the joking mood. “I know you like to be organized, and I get that, but aren’t you over thinking this? I mean, shouldn’t we be having the fun first and then move on to the serious conversations about why it would never work?”
“I’m sorry.” The muscles around her jaw tightened. “I think we should just be friends.”
 “Friends that do friendly things together? Like dancing?” he asked in a hopeful voice.
“How about friends that help other friends ensure the groom’s brother doesn’t do anything he might regret?” she countered.
Christopher winced. Ouch. He’d been friend-zoned. Logically, she had a point. She hadn’t changed her mind, and he wouldn’t change his, which meant it was for the best.
If only someone could inform my body of the situation.


Amanda Ashby was born in Australia but now lives in New Zealand where she writes romance, young adult and middle grade books. She also works in a library, owns far too many vintage tablecloths and likes to delight her family by constantly rearranging the furniture.

She has a degree in English and Journalism from the University of Queensland and is married with two children. Her debut book was nominated for a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice award, and her first young adult book was listed in the New York Public Library Stuff for the Teen Age.  Because she’s mysterious she also writes middle grade books under the name, Catherine Holt and hopes that all this writing won’t interfere with her Netflix schedule.


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