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Blitz-Excerpt and Giveaway : Six Month Rule by A.J.Pine

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Six Month Rule
by AJ Pine
Kingston Ale House #2 
Publication Date: July 11, 2016
Genres: Adult, Entangled: Select, Romance
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 The second I met Will Evans in his three-piece suit with that hot as hell British accent, I wanted him.That is…until he insulted my shoes and stole my corner office. Now I have to work side-by-side with the surly British arsehole who just set my career back six months. It’s fine. That accent won’t get to me, no matter how sexy it sounds when he asks permission to do things professionals shouldn’t do. On the couch. In the corner office I still wish was mine. Maybe we can’t keep our hands off each other, but I’m sure as hell not falling for a guy who lives an ocean away. Because in six months, he’s leaving for good. I don’t do broken hearts, but you know what they say… There’s a first time for everything.


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“I just stopped in to give you a proper good-bye before you leave for London,” she said, a small smile lighting up her features, one she had to know he was powerless against.

Will kissed her with abandon and ignored that word, “good-bye.” He pushed up her skirt and slid his fingers beneath her knickers, his thumb pressing against her clit. Neither spoke another word as she unbuttoned his jeans and helped him wriggle free, taking his boxers with them. She pulled a condom from a pocket hidden in the full skirt of her dress, tore it open, and slid it down his length. Then she guided his hands as they removed the knickers.

Dress still on, the floral pattern covering them like a blanket, she lowered herself onto him, burying his erection to the hilt. Will breathed in sharply, a small growl vibrating over his vocal cords, and Holly let a soft moan slip from her parted lips. They’d made love in the office before, knew the unspoken rule to keep things—well—unspoken. But something about today felt different to him. Even though the show was four-plus months away, this afternoon was the first they’d spoken of what their future held, which was nothing beyond the new year.

Holly rose on her knees and descended upon him again and again in slow, measured movements, enough that Will pushed any thoughts of the future back to where they couldn’t interrupt the present. Because, good God, what this woman did to him.

He untied the halter from behind her neck, and as she writhed on top of him, the bodice of her dress fell. He laid his hands back on her hips, moving with her and simply admiring the view.

“You’re breathtaking,” he said in a rough whisper, and her heavy eyes opened to catch him staring, but she didn’t stop moving.

“And you’re going to get us in trouble,” she teased quietly, “if you don’t shut that mouth of yours.”

Will grinned.

“I’m quite aware of the volume of my voice, and I assure you it is well within the safe range, Ms. Chandler,” he said. “Besides, I’d be a daft bloke to risk not receiving a proper good-bye again.”

And before she could chastise him, he sneaked a hand underneath her skirt and pressed his thumb back into her center. Holly bucked against him, back arching, and then gasped much louder than any of his whispering.

“Careful,” he warned. “You’re going to get us in trouble.” But it was Friday afternoon, and the two of them knew that no one was within earshot other than Jackie at the front desk. But Will took a bet on the constantly ringing phones and decided that Jackie was no threat to his need to finish Holly with a flourish.

He swirled his thumb between them, and Holly’s knees gripped his thighs. She braced her hands against his shoulders and held still as he rotated his hips and did his best to drive this woman half as mad as she’d already driven him. He fought against the building pressure between his legs, rubbing his thumb against her until she cried out so loud she had to straighten in order to clasp a palm over her mouth. Then it was game over as she gripped the sofa behind his shoulders and rode him hard and fast until he exploded inside her, silencing his own threat of giving them away by crushing his lips against hers.

The orgasm ebbed as Holly slowed to a stop. She kissed him one more time, straightened to tie her dress back around her neck, and then slid off him without another word. She picked up her knickers from the floor and shoved them in the pocket where the condom once was. Not until she was at the door did she turn to him one last time.

“Have a good trip, Billy. I’m putting in some extra hours at the office this weekend, so I look forward to a proper hello upon your return.”

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AJ Pine
AJ Pine writes stories to break readers’ hearts, but don’t worry—she’ll mend them with a happily ever after. As an English teacher and a librarian, AJ has always surrounded herself with books. All her favorites have one big commonality–romance. Naturally, her books have the same. When she’s not writing, she’s of course reading. Then there’s online shopping (everything from groceries to shoes) and, of course, a tiny bit of TV where she nourishes her undying love of vampires and superheroes. And in the midst of all of this, you’ll also find her hanging with her family in the Chicago burbs.


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