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Book Review : Hatred Day by T.S.Pettibone

Book Review: Hatred Day by T.S.Pettibone

Hatred Day by T.S. Pettibone
(Hatred Day, #1)

Publication date: January 29th 2016
Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Young Adult


In the year 2052, it’s not love but hate that unites the world. Humanity is unified against the Inborns, an extraterrestrial species with godlike intelligence and abilities whose arrival on earth caused an environmental and biological crisis.
Enslaved and despised even by her own Inbornkind, 18-year-old Snofrid reawakens to the world after having her memories stolen and is certain of only one thing: she will do anything to ensure her freedom. But her resolution is soon tested when the son of a high-ranking human official is murdered and her home city becomes the center of the interspecies war, one that might see the Inborns purged. Desperate to find a way out of the city for herself and her family, Snofrid risks making a deal with the manipulative Inborn Commander, Hadrian, and his brutal cadre of soldiers. Her task is simple: take part in a historic hunt that will bring wealth and fame to all who survive. Unfortunately, Snofrid’s role is one in which survival is rarely seen—the bait.

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Review:  The thing that really caught my attention about this book(other than the cover) was the blurb.It was really fascinating and sounded unlike any other book I'd read before.And let me tell you it is completely different from all the other dystopian books out there!!

The book starts off with a slave auction where Snofrid an 18-year old Mystish Inborn who can heal herself is going to be sold off.Her adopted brother Des and their friend Neko make it to the event in time and rescue her.But the reunion is cut short when they discover that Sno has lost all her memories regarding the people in her life and doesn't remember them.

The setting is in a futuristic world where an alien race called the Inborn arrived on earth and settled to live among the humans.But their arrival also caused many environmental and biological issues lcausing most of the humans to hate them.The anniversary of their arrival is now known as Hatred Day and there is a lot of violence against them.

The Inborn also have many other issues.They have a complex society where there are Houses and each has its Lord.The other Inborn are basically expected to be subservient to their superiors.Human-Inborn relationships are considered off limits and the Halfbreeds born from these unions are reviled and cast-off.Many are even hunted down by Halfbreed hunters.

As we go deeper into the story each and every layer is slowly peeled off.In the beginning, we are as much in the dark as Sno is and we slowly discover things along with her.As a human chancellor's son is murdered,  the hatred between the two species escalate leading to the deaths of many.So Sno risks everything by making a deal with the Inborn Commander Hadrian.She agrees to act as bait in a hunt for a dangerous beast in exchange for her and her friends' freedom.At the same time she also has to escape the wrath of the dangerous swangunner Lucian.So do Sno and her friends escape in time?Read the book to find out!!

This was an amazingly crafted story for two debut authors.The world-building is completely original and spell-binding.Each character is incredibly fleshed out.They all have their own motivations and desires.The descriptions in the book along with the japanese cultural infusions were beautiful.
The thing about the book is that it takes its time revealing the story and we must be patient as the wait is worth it.We discover historical details and background facts along with Sno that help us understand the other characters better.Even the minor characters like Rhodes and Coyote are done well.

My only gripe with this book was the way the return of the memories was handled.It could have been done better rather than something like a summary of her life during her younger years.We also didn't get to see as much of Cid as I would have liked.Their relationship could have been explored more.

The ending was fast-paced and action-packed!The twist was awesome.My heart breaks for Des.I still have many questions about Sno's memories.Why are 39% permanently gone and how did she lose them?I hope we get to see Atlas in the next book and learn more about what happened in those two years.Can't wait for Verdict Day.
Also look at these beautiful character portraits that are pretty close to what I imagined them to be in my mind.
Snofrid and Jazara
Lycidius and Hadrian

About The Author

T.S. Pettibone are the authors of The Hatred Day Series. Expected publication for book two, Verdict Day, is 2017.

T.S. Pettibone is the pen name of identical twins, Brittany and Nicole Pettibone. They were born in California, grew up in Kansas, and these days, live and write in California. On the rare occasion that they break from writing, they enjoy taking their dog on night walks, reading books by long deceased authors, drinking too much coffee and tea, traveling the world, making friends out of strangers and trying new things.

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