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Review: What You Need by Lorelei James

What You Need by Lorelei James

Book Title: What You Need(Need You #1)

Author: Lorelei James

Publication Date: 
January 5th 2016

Publisher: Signet

Summary: As the CFO of Lund Industries, Brady Lund is the poster child for responsibility. But eighty hour work weeks leave him little time for a life outside his corner office. His brothers stage an intervention and drag him to a seedy night club...where he sees her, the buttoned up blonde from the secretarial pool who's starred in his fantasies for months.

Lennox Greene is a woman with a rebellious past—which she carefully conceals beneath her conservative clothes. She knows flirting with her sexy, but aloof boss during working hours is a bad idea. So when Brady shows up at her favorite dive bar, sans his usual snappy suit, and catches her cutting loose, she throws caution aside and dares him to do the same.
After sparks fly, Brady finds keeping his hands off Lennox during office hours is harder than expected. While she makes him feel alive for the first time in years, a part of him wonders if she’s just using him to get ahead. And Lennox must figure out if Brady wants her for the accomplished woman she is—or the bad girl she was.

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Rating: 3.5 stars

Review:  I liked the premise and the characters in this book as they are quite different from usual contemporary romance characters.Though I've heard of Lorelei James, this is the first book of hers that I've tried and it was quite good.

Brady Lund, CFO of Lund Industries, is an all work and no play type of guy.His personal life is so bad that even the Irish college girl who went on a blind date with him called him boring and stuck up.But he has a loving family and they've become quite worried about him.So, his brothers and cousins stage an intervention where he promises to let loose and try new things to make life more exciting.While out he sees Lennox Greene from the secretarial pool in his company, and he has had an eye on her for quite a while.He is shocked to see a different rebellious side of her.

Lennox has had a difficult childhood and has worked hard to leave it behind.She is now at a comfortable point in her life and would like to keep it that way.She is attracted to Brady but is wary about getting into a relationship with him.She helps him overcome his workaholic ways.She has a lot of emotional baggage too.

Brady's family were an awesome and supportive bunch.I liked that though it was a romance novel it had other plotlines going on it too.The conversations between Brady and Lennox in the beginning were interesting.I also liked the fact that though Brady was a hot millionare he had his own share of insecurities.He is an alpha in the bedroom but is not the typical dominant, controlling guy in the relationship.He is dedicated to his family and work.

Lennox was an honest and down-to earth character.She says things without beating around the bush.I also appreciate the fact that there isn't much angst in the book with the typical romance novel misunderstandings and fights.She forgives Brady for his mistakes after hearing his apology unlike other protagonists.The secondary characters like Lennox's roommate,Brady's brothers and parents,the at-risk teenagers and Lennox's friend Sydney ad flavor to the story.

Though I liked the romance in the story I felt like something was missing.The pacing of the relationship and their interactions were fine.The chemistry was also very good.But I didnt get their connection.Their was no common ground between them other than their mutual love of rock songs and how they supported each other.Despite finding the romance sweet and well written I couldn't get why they love each other in the end except for their mutual attraction.I think fans of Lorelei James an those who are looking for a sweet,sexy romance differnt from the usual contemporaries, with a good storyline will love it.Happy Reading!!

About the Author:

Lorelei James is New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary erotic westerns and erotic romances. She lives in western South Dakota.
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